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Effective 10/26, we will no longer be offering this service for FREE. If you wish to continue having your live shows recorded and podcasted here, there will be a fee of $49.00 billed directly to the show host. Alternatively, you can use streaming audio recorder or internet radio recorder software such as SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder or Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder or Radiomaximus, which has a scheduling function that you can set it and forget it to record your show everytime on the computer /laptop being broadcasted from, then manually upload them to your Show Page here.

Software based versus our online services (Upgraded Package)

  1. Online Service: Recordings are available almost instantly, but not later than one hour. 

  2. Readily available on IAC.FM for your listeners to enjoy as many times as they need. 

  3. You don't need to lift a finder and your recording will be available. 

  4. Choose whether you want listeners to be able to download your shows or restrict them to only listening mode. 

  5. Track how well your show is down, but monitoring number of plays. 

  6. Easy to find, but simply going to http://iac.fm/podcasts as opposed to have listeners go to your page and scroll through thousands of posts to find the one they are looking for. 

  7. Easy, simple, set it and forget it. 

Software based recording

  1. You must remember to turn on the software everytime you do you show. 

  2. Software can only be installed in the computer you do your show or another dedicated computer that's always on or at time of your show. 

  3. Not the most reliable way to create a podcast. 

  4. Must manually track and upload your podcast/recording to IAC.FM

  5. No available on IAC.FM's Podcast Page. 

  6. Take time after the show is aired to download, them upload to your page. 

  7. If you switch computers or happen to do your show on a different computer, you will not be able to record your show. 

If  you wish to continue this service after October 26, 2017, click below to subscribe to our upgraded plan: