How To?

How to dowload and setup our radio client to get on air. 

  • Download the software by clicking here and save it to your desktop. Make sure you select the desktop as the location. 

  • Unzipped the file that you download above. The file should be located on the desktop. 

  • Once the file is unzipped by "Right Clicking" is and select "Unzip" or "Extract" depending on your windows version or where you have a zip software installed. 

  • Now double click on "iac" folder to open it and you should see the window below:

  • Now, double click on "SECaster" folder to open it. You should see the window below:

  • Now, right click on the file "SECaster.exe" - Shown with the little wifi like icon in red. 

  • Now go to your desktop and you will see the icon you just created. Double click on it. 

  • Now once you double click on the icon above, you should see the following window. 

  • Fill out the information above and you should have received your password from your program manager at IAC.FM.  Hit save.  Now you should see this window. Click on the icon where the red arrow is pointing. 

  • The following window will open. Click where the red arrow points and select your microphone or sound card, then hit "Save" as show as the bottom red arrow. 

  • Now, you will now see the following window and ready to go live. Don't click the play button, until you're ready to go on air. 

When you done with your show, simply click the stop button as show below and you're done. Congratulations! You've setup your radio client to connect to IAC.FM. 


For Mac User, you will need a free software called LadioCast. You can download it here

Once downloaded, simply install, like you would with any mac software. Then open it. The first you will see is a Mixer, showing your default microphone. Make sure to select your active mic. Use "Input 1" to select your desired microphone. 

Then right above that, you will see a menu bar as show below and that's where you will need to add the stream for IAC.FM

Now, click on "Streamer" -> Streamer 1 -> "SHOUTcast as shown below


Now you wil be presented with a "Streamer 1 (SHOUTcast)" window. Use the information below to add IAC.FM under the "Connection" tab.

You Password will be provided by your Program Manager. Be sure to enter everything as seen below and do not click connect yet. 

Now, select the "Encoding" Tab and you will see the window below. Fill out the details as shown. Again, do not click connect yet. 

Now, select the "Metadata" tab and fill in the details as shown below. 

Now you are ready to connect, but make sure you are ready to go live and on schedule, otherwise your connection will fail. 

Once connected, you should the "Connect" button will turn "red" and "Total Sent(kbytes) will show numbers instead of a zero. See below:


And that's all. Should you have any questions, jump on the chat support below and we can assist you with no issues. 

Staff at IAC.FM