Want to contribute Guest Posts?

Write for IAC.FM - If you’re on this page you are probably interested in submitting a guest post to IAC.FM Blog.

Wanna Write a Guest Post?

If you’re on this page you are probably interested in submitting a guest post to IAC.FM Blog. Hooray! We heart you! You have completed the first step of your IAC.FM journey but before you can move on to the next one, let’s break this down. Read this thoroughly and understand all terms and procedures.

Our Expectations

1. Your article should be written by you.

2. It should not be an article that you already posted on, or are currently sending to other blogs. This is a monogamous relationship. <3

3. In your pitch and eventual article, we expect you to use decent grammar.

4. You should be aware that by publishing on our site you are allowing your work, which will still be fully accredited to you, to be advertised under our umbrella as content that represents the site as a whole.

The Process

In order to submit a guest post you must first fill out the form below indicating your name, hometown, email, and a brief synopsis of what you might want your guest post to be about. This is your pitch. This pitch will be sent to our handy dandy mail box where it will be read and considered. If it’s a pretty cool pitch (9 times out of 10 we will like the pitch) and it has grammar that reflects the expected quality of the article, you should receive an email from Josh saying that he likes the idea and that you’re in the clear to write it. Please send the finished product to him for review and at some point in that email exchange also send one or two sentences about yourself (and even a link to a personal website if you have one) to be posted at the end of the article. The article must be sent in a timely manner or your pitch will eventually be dropped (#forgotten) and you will have to start back at square one!

The Article

The grammar should be decent. No one is prefect but you get the point. There is no specific length but as long as the article isn’t insultingly short it’s cool. The title should directly reflect the article itself—readers should be able to see the title and have a good idea of what they are about to read. You do not have to submit pictures along with the articles unless they are clear, clean media that you have taken/drawn for a tutorial post. If your article is actually a comic please send a high quality large .jpg of the image. It is better for it to be bigger than required and not smaller because pixel prone comics aren’t cute.


When the article is reviewed by the editor know that she will correct typos or change minor words to make the idea clearer. However, if major changes are made to the article we will email you back with questions and the changes to get your approval. Expect an email back when your article is published on the site!

Further Association

Feel free to become a regular guest blogger! After a certain point you might even be invited to join the active staff! <3