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GTGWAS - Step 1 Topic A - Taking Control

Posted 2 months ago in Economics and Trade.

Could you benefit from a financial coach?

GTGWAS - Step 1 Topic A - Taking Control

Financial Words of Wisdom Spoken To Me Many, Many, Years Ago.

I can never understand how anyone can say this business is not for them. This business is about personal financial education. This business is better than any financial education course you could take in college. Learning how money works and learning how to better handle your own finances is priceless. No one should care about your money more than you. If you never build a business or make a penny from the sale of a product, to have the ability to get fully licensed in financial services and to have the ability to obtain the same licenses as the people that are handling your money now is worth its weight in gold. For someone to say this business is not for them shows me that they are just not that concerned if they ever have any money for themselves or their loved ones. They are saying they don’t mind living paycheck to paycheck or they are saying they are willing to trust whatever their current adviser says even if it turns out to be a disaster waiting to happen. To be under the authority and control of someone else and to have your whole financial security depend upon the daily mental stability of a total stranger is an invitation for failure. Time is precious and can never be called back and replayed. To spend your working lifetime in anticipation of the golden years just to find out that you funded someone else’s retirement is no one’s fault but your own once you offered the chance to be in control. Once you have had the opportunity to open a door and walk into a higher realm of living you can’t blame anyone else for your financial situation ever again. There are no mulligans in life. You are a result of all the little decisions you made up to this point. What you do next could be the difference between a wonderful life for you and your heirs or it could be the Same Stuff Different Day. Your choice.
Roger - Your money coach.

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