Songs I love this November - A must read!

I've come across lots of exciting new songs this November and I couldn't wait to share with you.

Posted November 11,2017 in Entertainment.

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I couldn't start my list of favorite Caribbean songs for November without Kes' Hello. I love the beat and the rithm is perfect. This song stays on beat till the end. Take a listen and see why I love it!

And I as I continue on my quest for songs that I love this Thanksgiving Season, let me point your attention to Princess Eud Ft. Admiral T & Ded Kraz with the song titled "Caribbean Love". Can you tell why I love it? Well, that's easy. It's called Caribbean Love, what's not to love. What am I? I Am Caribbean, in case you've forgotten. Enough of my rambling. This song is packed with a heavy, but refreshing beat. It makes you want to dance from start to finish. What I live most however, is the setting from which the video is shot. The colors blending with party and people, representing of course Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe and I love Admiral T and in love with Princess Eud. So, you can imagine the joy that song brings to my heart. In a time where women are making the headlines, coming forward to speak up against sexual harrassment, what better time to show some love for our Caribbean women? Here's a question, can you tell where this video was shot? Watch the video below and let me know what you think. 

Then Major Lazer drop "Jump" Ft. Busy Signal and let me tell you, this one will truly make you jump. The video reminds me of Will Smith's Fresh Prince of Bel Air, if you can guess my age from this statement. The colors again are very vivid and men and women dancing. This one is wins my ears. It's a mix of dancehall coupled with some afrobeatz. It's a fun and colorfull song, right and time for Christmas, but I can see it go on till the summer. Such a fun song and I expect nothing less from Major Lazer. I think this song is a sign that Princess Eud is crossing over to the international and precisely the American Market. I love when she sings in English. Have a look and enjoy. 

In our very own Niska released "Ate" which means on the ground, where she full transformed herself and if I had to guess, I think she's talking to Baky. I love the beat, choregraphy and lyrics. Niska is beautiful than ever on this video and her hanger is soothing. Yes, I associated hanger with sooth. Call me crazy, but see for yourself. 

And then Spice comes in to spice it up with "Hooku Whine, Couple up". Another colorful video with a nice back drop. That woman is talented I must tell you. You can't imagine dancehall without Spice. I love the intro of the video. Watch and enjoy. 

I leave it at 4 for today, but I will be back next week with more to complete my list of songs I love in November. Enjoy and don't forget to tell me what you think. 




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