How to Earn Money with IAC.FM

How to earn money by inviting your friends and family to IAC.FM?

You know the old adage? "Sharing is Caring. Right? What better way to show your love on IAC.FM, than by sharing the joy you experience listening and getting engaged in our community? It's your community, your radio, so spread the word!

It's easy and simple to invite a friend. Simply use you email, FB messenger or post the link in your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Whatsapp, etc. Simply use your affiliate link, found on the main page, to the left sidebar menu, right below your profile photo and looks like this: 

Then from there, it will take to this page, as show below:

From there, just copy the link lister, right under your the profile photo shown above. See below:

Then paste that link (Shown in Green) unto your email message, facebook post, messenger message, whatsapp, or even text messages and or blog post online to invite your friends, family and anyone you know to IAC.FM. 

Once the member signs up, our administration team will review the user you invited to ensure that everything is on point. Our system and review team checks for potential fraud and automated sign up, using complex detection system to ensure the authencity of each user. Once that's cleared, your account will be credited accordingly. Make as much you want, it's up to you. 

Earn while doing something supergood. Spreading awares of the best Caribbean Radio station online with a rich community full of culture.  Remember that once your invitee signs up, have them download our app and make a post, stating that you invited them in. It helps the verification process and will avoid certain pitfalls. 

As with anything, we reserve the rights to deny credit on any account if any attempt of fraud is discovered. Having said that, we think everyone will do the right thing. Don't you? Yeah, we think so!

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I get my money? 

Payments are made from your paypal account, after the payment is made, mark the request as paid. 


Do I get my money anytime? 

Yes, once your account reach 50.00, you can request a withdrawal. (Minimum withdrawal request is 50.00 (USD))


Do I need a Paypal Account? 

Not necessarily, but we prefer that as it make it easier to send your payment to you. However, other arrangements can be made. 


I have more questions.....?

No problem, click here and ask away.