15 Ways Women Turn Men On Without Even Knowing It

As most of us should all know by now, men and women are wired totally differently. Our focuses are not the same, our thought processes develop at different paces, and the way we find solutions may produce the same result but, we come to conclusions from opposite paths.

As most of us should all know by now, men and women are wired totally differently. Our focuses are not the same, our thought processes develop at different paces, and the way we find solutions may produce the same result but, we come to conclusions from opposite paths. Especially when it comes to attraction, men are definitely more animalistic while women are more cerebral about what they want when it comes to finding a partner in crime. Sometimes, as men, we find even the strangest qualities and characteristics to be a turn on that most women wouldn't exactly value as desirable traits and we're here to list off fifteen of those qualities for your viewing pleasure. With that being said, check them out right now!


Ladies, you might not think that perspiring is hot but, we sure do. First of all, in the right setting it's an indication that you work hard, secondly, it releases natural pheromones that draw us in for the kill, plus it turns you into glistening angels. There's only a couple of visuals in the world that can compete with the hottie who just hopped off her spin class exercise bike, in the midst of taking deep breaths, as beads of sweat come rolling down her body. Pure sexiness.


This one is a dead giveaway. For some reason, glasses just add a level of distinction to whoever just so happens to be wearing them. It provides this sense of intellect and mystery to a woman that might not have been physically prevalent without the presence of glasses. Also, it creates the school teacher fantasy that so many men have had growing up or fantasize about in their spare time. Hold on though ladies, before you go out and look for a pair of frames, it becomes a turnoff to some men when we find out you're wearing clear lens. Once the authenticity is diminished, the appeal is dead.

The Wet Do

There's something about wet hair that's just mouthwateringly attractive. Whether it be a woman emerging from a pool, coming fresh out of the shower, or out of a rainstorm, their hotness levels instantaneously skyrocket. There's a sense of cleanliness and sex appeal that comes with wet hair that is unmatched. It's hard to explain but, once seen it's hard to take your eyes off of which might lead to a bumbling, incoherent conversation. Trust us, ladies, it's the hair.

The Hair Flip

This one isn't exactly a mystery and we think they figured us out fellas. As soon as we see a young lady playing with her hair or flipping it into the wind for that fan blown effect, most of us stop in our tracks. There's something about a flowing mane whether it be thick and extremely curly or straight and golden to match the sunset on a Sunday evening, the hair flip is one of the most random and attractive things you can do in the presence of a man.

Tippy Toes

This is yet another trick up their sleeves that women have figured out about men. Think about it... When's the last time you've seen a picture of a woman standing flat-footed in a picture when you were scrolling down your Instagram timeline? They've got us again. It's no secret that when women stand on their tippy toes, heads turn. Of course, this act automatically accentuates the thighs and gluteus maximus causing a draw dropping effect for whoever is present to witness such beauty. Ladies, keep it up for our viewing pleasure, please and thank you.

The Head Tilt

This one might seem strange but, the head tilt is definitely one of the easiest ways to turn on a man. First and foremost, it shows that you're engaged and interested in what we have to say but, it's also what some would consider submissive body language as well. The head tilt provides a sense of openness and warmth most men don't openly share or claim to look for in women but, once this simple action is executed dialogue and connectivity are on the horizon.

Seductive Eye Contact

It's really that simple. Most of the time as men, we tend to search for eye contact with someone we would consider pursuing but, this also comes at a cost because we don't want to come off as creepy or feel as if we're putting anybody at risk. So, when we do just so happen to lock eyes with a potential mate for an extended period of time, it gets us going and gives us the confidence to approach you with positive intent.

The Eyebrow Flash

If you're not the type to allow yourself to lock eyes with someone for an extended period of time, we don't blame you ladies but, there's another factor that also drives men wild without you guys secretly knowing about it... The eyebrow flash. No, this nothing to do with exposing your naked and unkempt eyebrows but, it does have to do with that one raised eyebrow and that very distinctive twitch that gets our gears in motion. This possibly one of the sexiest things a stranger could do without much effort for another stranger.

Sense Of Smell

This is a dead giveaway regardless of the gender or person. It's always a pleasant surprise when you catch a hint of lavender in combination with a vanilla scent only to turn around and see a drop dead gorgeous bombshell. Smell is one of the greatest and most memorable senses and has the ability to make someone ten times more attractive. It's always a good feeling when an attractive scent wafts through the air and remains in the room like a cloudy haze. Sh*t's hot.

The Messy Bun

Don't get it twisted ladies, we love when you get super dressed up, throw on that little black dress, a clean pair of heels, a well beat face, and freshly straightened hair but, at times all we need in our lives is a messy bun, Champion hoodie, and fitted sweatpants and we're instantly turned on. It doesn't take much to get us going and literally being your most imperfect self is something we admire in women.

Foreign Language/Accents

This usually goes both ways... Both men and women appreciate a dope accent or a foreign language coming from the mouth of someone they're attracted to. Women who know multiple languages are a turn on mainly because language barriers create mystery and people want to be apart of something exotic and unknown to their upbringing. This can be close to fetishization but, ladies you'll know if someone is genuinely interested in you for you or if they're focused on your accent or linguistics.


A lot of men might not like to admit it but, we secretly love a woman in power. Societal constructs have led many to believe that men would prefer to be in the presence of a woman they could control or they'd consider submissive but, in all actuality, we wouldn't shacking up with a CEO or getting pulled over by a strict hot cop. Sometimes it's ok for you to take control ladies, it lights our fire for sure.

The whole playing dumb thing that appears to work in high school doesn't fly as time moves on. Majority of men that actually pursued the young women who were considered not the brightest only did so, in order to take advantage of them, which is wrong in itself and low. Which is why men secretly salivate over women that are well-traveled, ambitious, and not afraid to teach us a thing or two about a subject we're not as well-versed in. We truly appreciate and desire intellectual women.
The Curves
Ladies, don't believe the hype that we all want a specific and unrealistic body type
portrayed on television and throughout advertisements. Matter of fact, most of us want something we can hold on to if you know what we mean. Women of all shapes and sizes have the ability to turn a head or raise a few eyebrows for the right reasons so, ladies, don't be afraid to show off those curves. We appreciate a healthy and curvy body type.
The First Move
This could be considered one of the ultimate unknown turn-ons a woman could ever perform. Simply, making the first move... Society has repeatedly told us that men should be the first to approach a potential mate but, trust us, we love it when the tables are turned. It shows us that you're decisive, know what you want, and are confident enough to face potential rejection. This is a pure symbol of strength and any real man would be attracted to such an act. Ladies, you guys have the juice, always remember that.